Cinara Kramer

The Artist...

Cinara Kramer was born the 3rd of May of 1973 in Montevideo, Uruguay. From a very early age she showed an inclination towards artistic pursuits, starting her classic guitar lessons when she was 5 years old and also manifesting as a pre-teen some affinity for drawing self-portraits and several other things, ignoring what would eventually result from all that.
As she was born in a relatively classical society, she resolved to study architecture, enrolling at the same time in interior design courses and already debuting in the worlds of fashion design and pictorial art but as something unrelated to her career, going to teacher Clever Lara’s workshop. She remembers that when for a problem about lack of time availability she dropped the latter, and then took it up again, as she came in the workshop and smelt the scent of oil painting and turpentine, she knew that she belonged there.
But as we usually don’t listen to our bodies or our very essence, Cinara followed another path, the one of fashion design, unconsciously trying to project her art in it, thus she ended up making haute couture with an artistic turn in which she could express herself.
As all those evens took place she had 2 children, in the years 2000 and 2002, she has officially started her studies in Bellas Artes sometime after finishing her studies for becoming an entrepreneur, which she had accomplished… until she got ill.
Her body was screaming… “You are not in the right path.” And this was how one day she left everything to dedicate herself to art and spiritual discovery and development.
She complains as she did as a child about what her teachers used to call ‘lost causes,’ because they didn’t know that this girl has always, even now that she is an adult woman, needed to demand justice and respect, and to raise it as a symbol and standard of her life.
And this is how, while others made politics from the congress, she decided to make politics in her own way too, exposing injustices and rising awareness in our society by means of her art.
Her works are stories, narratives. Not mere color lines on a canvas. Some of them would like to shout, to make people turn round to look, think, and take a minute to look, not only to see… to understand, process and absorb… and to feel.
If this isn’t art, what is it?